7 September 2017

The Mews at Grays - Part 2

This week's topic is a follow-up of a previous post about The Mews at Grays. The Mews offers a diverse collection of vintage, antiques and collectables.

We're highlighting three Mews dealers:

Ting's Jewellery Box
Showcase C22 | Grays Mews |Tel: 020 7629 7034

Ting is a well established dealer here at Grays and can be found in the basement of The Mews. Her stand contains a dazzling variety of fun vintage costume jewellery as well as a highly desirable collection of Victorian lockets. Pieces are often featured in glossy magazines such as Vogue.

Victorian Lockets
1950s Mermaid locket
Diamante Hand Necklace

Don Bayney Antiques
Stand A20-A21 | Tel: 020 7491 7200

Don has been a keen collector of Japanese swords and armour since the late sixties and has traded in this field since the early nineties. He joined Grays in 1991, where you can find him on the lower-ground floor in The Mews.

3 Swords on a Stand. Top: A boy's sword (possibly for the son of a Daimyo or Lord) Centre: Wakizashi blade (Shinto period) Bottom: Wakizashi blade (Shinto period) in excellent condition.

Tsuba, Iron, depicting rice bales. Signed and made by father and son.

Tsuba, Iron, depicting dragonflies in gold, signed Iwamoto Ikkan with Kao.

Pavlos S. Pavlou
Stand L17 | Tel: 020 7629 9449

Pavlos has been a numismatic consultant to a well known London auction company for many years. He is located on the ground floor in The Mews. You will find ancient, medieval and modern coins up to 1850 in his stand.

Ptolemaic Empire Egypt. Alexandria. Cleopatra III and Ptolemy IX Soter II 116-107 BC. 

IC-XC, the redeemer enthroned holding the book of gospels, amulet lower right panel of throne. 

Christ enthroned, right hand raised in benediction,large dot either side. 

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