1 September 2017

The 1920s Jazz Age: Fashion & Photographs

If you are looking for a trip out of London then why not head to The American Museum in Britain,  Bath, which is exhibiting 'The 1920's Jazz Age: Fashion and Photographs' until the 29th October 2017.

Picture from the Jazz Age exhibit at The Fashion and Textile Museum. Image courtsey of WWD

The Dolly Sisters with headdresses, 1923, by James Abbe. Private Collection. Image courtsey of American Museum In Britain

The exhibition is a visual guide to the 1920s Jazz Age, during a time of Post war excess and emancipation. The iconic flapper dress became a statement of the time. Also exhibiting are evening capes, lame coats and ready-to-wear garments dating from 1919 to 1929. Photography during this era played an important role as captured by James Abbé and illustrated by Gordon Conway who's work was shown in Vanity Fair.

Gordon Conway 'Red Cross Girl' illustration for Vanity Fair, 1918. Image courtsey of Cultural Compass at The Harry Ransom Centre, The University of Texas at Austin

'The Red Hat' illustration by Gordon Conway, for The Tatler, 18th December 1929. Image courtsey of King and McGaw

So if you are feeling in the mood to tap into the Jazz vibe then look no further and come join us here at Grays, where you will find a spectacular display of pieces waiting to be discovered.

Emerald Cut 1.50ct diamond ring with centre baguette stone and centre cut shoulders in 18ct white gold. Available at Alexandra Engagement Rings

Channel set diamante style 1920s bracelet. Available at Gillian Horsup Vintage Jewellery
Diamond and platium 12 carat set brooch with a double clip. Available at Jani
A long tassle necklace with oriental figure and cinnabar beads. Available at Gillian Horsup

Fan which was a give away for a furniture shop in the 1920s. Available at Linda Bee

Back view of the above fan with the inscription.

1920s Cigarette holders set. Available at Gillian Horsup

1920s Celluloid bangle for the upper arm. Available at Gillian Horsup
Bakelite and diamante belt buckle, c1920s. Available at Gillian Horsup

Very special 1920s beaded bag. Available at Linda Bee

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